sem cabeçalhos
    if (!wiki.pageexists("Template:MindTouch/OOBE/Core/Admin_Tabs") || !wiki.pageexists("Template:MindTouch/OOBE/Core/User_Tabs")) {
    <div class="mt-populating">
        <h2>"Wait a moment while we complete your installation...";</h2>
        <p>"MindTouch is populating all the necessary templates and pages to make your site fully functional.";</p>
        <p>"While you wait, you can still use the site normally - feel free to navigate or create new pages.";</p>
        <p>"Once we finish populating your site with content, this message will disappear (be sure to refresh this page!)";</p>
    } else {
        if (user.admin) {
        } else {
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